4.5'' Flap Discs Q Flex

Q Flex flap discs are available in a variety of specification to cover the different needs and applications of the market.

The range offers aluminium oxide & zirconium alumina products, with either fiberglass or a plastic backing plate.


The discs are available in two designs. 1) Flat & 2) Concial (Convex) shape.

1) The flat shape is mainly used for face and plane surface grinding. More effecient when used at 0 - 15 degree.

2) The conical or convex shape is used for application on curved and more difficult  to access areas as well as for face and surface grinding.

more effecient when used at 15 - 20 degree.

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Other Available Sizes / Select Size
DimensionInches / Millimeter Grit SpeedR.P.M Pieces/ Carton Shape ItemCode
4-1/2"x7/8" - 115X22.23mm 40/60/80/100 13,300 200 Type A / B FDF11QF

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel


Cast Iron


Application SUITABLE FOR

Ship Building

Structural & Fabrication Industries

Oil & Gas

Pipe Constructions



Deburring and finishing of surfaces in one operation

Coarser grits for fast & high rates of stock removal

Fine grits for less stock removal & good surface finish

Consistent grinding rate with min.heat generation

Long life with consistence surface finish.

Less operational cost

Light weight & adapts easily to workpiece shapes

High quality cloth backing in cotton & polycotton

Premium aluminum oxide grains

High quality fiber glass backing/ nylon backing plate

Superior glue for excellent bonding strength.

Manufactured according to safety standards of oSa & EN13743